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Control of scab in organic apple growing

Apple scab, caused by Venturia inaequalis, causes serious losses in quality and yield of organically grown apples in Denmark and elsewhere. Materials available to organic growers in Denmark for the control of scab are largely ineffective and scab also is a growing problem for conventional apple growers. This project is concerned with developing several promising approaches to the control of scab. A range of potential control materials are to be screened for efficacy against the scab pathogen in growth chamber, greenhouse and orchard experiments. Promising materials are to be further investigated histopathologically to establish the mechanism of control. More detailed studies will be made to characterise the effect of selected treatments on the secondary metabolites in apples and a molecular analysis of defence responses will be carried out. With respect for the principles of organic growing, the over riding aim of this proposal is to identify and begin to develop some new approaches and materials for the control of apple scab.

Project title
I.14 Control of scab in organic apple growing (StopScab)

Project leader
Associate Professor, John Hockenhull (JH), The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Plant Pathology Section, Department of Plant Biology. Thorvaldsensvej 40, DK 1871 Frederiksberg C. Denmark. Phone +45 35 28 33 09. Fax: +45 35 28 33 10. E-mail: johoc@kvl.dk

Project participants
David B. Collinge, Hans Jørgen Lyngs Jørgensen, Marianne V. Bengtsson and Ednar Wulf, KVL
Hanne Lindhard Pedersen and Klaus Paaske, DIAS